Service for Clinical Trials and Biometrics

Service for Clinical Trials and Biometrics (SCTB) is a new highlight of the Department of Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Sciences, University of Padua.

It provides research excellence and longstanding experience for healthcare and pharmacology practitioners from public sector, industry and international organizations, for profit and no-profit activities.
Bringing together a multidisciplinary team with an outstanding record in Clinical Practice and Medical Statistics, it relies on the Polyclinic and University Hospital, with advanced technologies for high-level healthcare and clinical research.

The scope of SCTB is:

- to accompany Your team of investigators on their pathway from elaboration of clinical trial protocols, through design and execution of clinical trials;
- to provide 360˚ assistance in data management and statistical analysis;
- to provide a stepping stone for the capitalization of Your results.

Our quality management guarantees total confidentiality and high security treatment of clinical data.

Our projects